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Top 5 Frequently asked questions

  • How do I become a member of the Library ?
    • JSS faculty, students, and staff are bona-fide members and no other formality is required. As soon as you get your ID Card, please visit the library once to activate your membership.

  • How do I search books in Catalogue (OPAC)?
    • Go to library home page. There is a search box with caption Search Catalogue (OPAC). Enter a word or words from title or subject or author of a book you like to search. Press enter. It will list all books matching the words you input.

      You can also click on Advanced Search just below the search box. It will take you to another page Web OPAC Page. It provides Simple Search and Advanced Search options.

      In Simple Search, you can search books by Author, Title (any word in the title, subtitle ) , Accession No. , Classification No., Series, ISBN No, Note/Abstract , Keyword, Supervisor, or Publisher. Use Enter the String box to input words etc from any of the fields mentioned above.

      You can restrict your search to a particular media like Books, E-Books, Reports, BC Books, TLL Books etc.

      In Advanced Search, you can search books by combining several fields like author, title, keyword, publishers etc (with operators LIKE, EQUAL TO, AND, OR) in the same query. This will give very specific / more relevant results.

  • What is OPAC?
    • OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalogue. This is a database of all books, reference books, e-books, theses, reports, patents, standards etc. available in the library. It enables speedy searching of a particular book, books on a given subject, and/or a book by an author.

  • How do I use study room books?
    • Students can borrow one study room book against his/her I-card for consultation within the Library. Study Rooms books are issued and should be returned before the closing of the Library.

      These books have to be returned after reading in the library itself

  • Can I bring my own books in the Library?
    • Yes. The Library allows few personal books for study in side the library only to the JSS students for referring them along with other library books. All the personal books brought inside the library should be stamped with PERSONAL BOOKS before entering the library.

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